Gaia & Friends Limited Edition Tape

Crystal Fighters

Gaia & Friends Limited Edition Tape

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Super limited edition cassette release of our ‘Gaia & Friends’ album 
Orange tape, hand numbered and with belly band
Total of 150 made

‘Gaia & Friends’ is a “snapshot of time and a chapter of music” created across continents, with a crew of collaborators and with a clear message at its heart. The title ‘Gaia & Friends’ is a reflection of CRYSTALFIGHTERS’ outlook on the world and existence – ‘Gaia’ representing MotherEarth and ‘Friends’ her diverse inhabitants. Humanity, animals and plant-life co-exist in the moment, with the planet representing a gigantic party for life in all of its many forms. The songs naturally touch upon themes of togetherness, inclusivity, conservation and connectivity, all united by the realisation that we need to respect the world that we live in.
  1. Runnin’
  2. Remolino Icarito feat. Allison Sleator
  3. The Get Down
  4. Costa Rica feat. NAHLI
  5. Txalamantra feat. Ugarte Anaiak
  6. Wild Ones
  7. All of It feat. Soledad Vélez
  8. One String
  1. Another Level
  2. Lift Up
  3. All My Love (Feed Me Edit)
  4. Hope feat. Miller Blue
  5. Goin’ Harder feat. Bomba Estéreo
  6. Reborn
  7. Boomin’ In Your Jeep

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