ITS Music - Health and Happiness CD

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ITS Music - Health and Happiness CD

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Release Date: 4th December 2020

Tracklist - ITS Music - Health and Happiness CD

  1. Exercise Song 
  2. Wash Your Hands 
  3. Llama Song 
  4. Be Kind 
  5. Love Song
  6. Positive Song 
  7. Fruit Song 
  8. Vegetable Song 
  9. Animal Song 
  10. Unicorn Song
  11. Mermaid Song 
  12. Snowflake Song 
  13. Go To The Park 
  14. Wash Your Hands (Party Version)
  15. Llama Song (Party Version) 
  16. Unicorn Song (Party Version) 
  17. Mermaid Song (Party Version)
  18. Snowflake Song (Party Version) 
  19. Positive Song (Party Version)*
  20. Animal Song (Party Version)* 
  21. Llama Song (Lullaby Version) 
  22. Unicorn Song (Lullaby Version) 
  23. Mermaid Song (Lullaby Version) 
  24. Snowflake Song (Lullaby Version) 
  25. Positive Song (Lullaby Version)*
  26. Animal Song (Lullaby Version)* 

*CD Exclusives.

60 minutes running time.