Non-Fiction (12" Vinyl)


Non-Fiction (12" Vinyl)

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Release Date: 5th June 2020

Spector are excited to bring you 'Non-Fiction', a compilation of their three EP’s from 2017 to 2019, released physically for the first time. The record’s pressed to white vinyl with artwork by Go De Jong. It includes the latest single ‘When Did We Get So Normal?’ and physical exclusive ‘Bryndon 2’.

  1. Untitled in D
  2. Fine Not Fine
  3. Local International
  4. Wild Guess
  5. Even When You Pass My Way
  6. Love Will Do Your Head Right In
  7. Tenner
  8. Zone Two
  9. Half Life
  10. I Won’t Wait
  11. Simplicity
  12. When Did We Get So Normal?
  13. Bryndon 2 (Vinyl Exclusive)